An Hai Beach - the most popular beach on Con Son Island

An Hai Beach which is a sandy continuation of the harbour front that stretches southwest of Con Son town, is the most popular beach on Con Son Island. Located at the end of centre of Con Dao district , An Hai beach looks appealing with a long stretch of white sand and surrounded by pine trees, blue water, gentle waves.

From the center of the district, it takes you about 10 minutes to approach An Hai Beach. This beach possesses a crystal seawater and calm waves. The far side is shielding by mountain range and few greening islands like rising from the sea. Fringed by palm trees and overlooked by green mountains, this beach is dotted with the only beachfront accommodation on the island (apart from Six Senses Resort). However, even if you’re not staying at one of the beachfront resorts, you can still access this beach by walking or driving to the southernmost section of sand, where the road nearly meets the sea. The water here is clear and cool like aftershave, and great for swimming. Sand-flies can sometimes be a problem, especially in the morning and late afternoon.

This beach is an ideal attraction in Con Dao for tourists to relax and explore natural landscapes in this island. Most of the resorts and hotels are concentrated on the shady road along this beach. The pier on An Hai beach also has a number of fishing boats moored nearby. Early morning, you will see fishermen carry and prepare things to their boats for fishing trip on the sea. Late afternoon, as the sun eased sunshine made way for offshore wind blew ashore, is an ideal time that locals and tourists go to An Hai beach, immersed in cool water, relaxing, or walking barefoot on the sand along the coast and enjoy the peaceful space.

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