Lo Voi Beach – ideal place for picnics

Lo Voi Beach is the other town beach, located to the north of Con Son town center directly in front of some Con Dao’s famous prison complexes. No hotels border it directly, so any hotel claiming to be located at this beach is simply located at the northern part of town.

Lo Voi Beach situated at the end of this district's center, creating a gorgeous Con Dao beach. The advantages of Lo Voi Beach are its favorable position and unspoiled beauty. The sand here is quite dark. There is a bit of seaweed, and this beach is affected by tides. This beach has a calm, clean and clear blue seawater with old green trees silhouetting to the sandy beach.

For those who are fans of picnics, this beach is really a good choice. The best time to explore this beach is during the morning just after the sunrise when the tide recedes and you can walk really far out along the sand. At this time, you can forage for your very own shellfish like the locals do. The best time for swimming here is during the sunset hours when the tide comes back.

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