Mulberry Beach “Bai Dau”

Mulberry Beach is at the foot of the Big mountain, in the North of the city and only a few km from the White Palace “Bach Dinh”. There used to be a lot of mulberry so it is also named Mulberry beach. Nevertheless, today, there is no longer any mulberry. So now, instead, when mentioning about “Bai Dau”, people think of a windless and rocky beach. Not so much as busy and crowded as other beaches in the city, Mulberry Beach contains itself a quiet and peaceful space in combination with “Mother Maria” statue can attract any tourist who visits this place. Tourists should walk on about a few meters to see a 30m-high statue of Mother Maria shining in the green picturesque forest and sea landscape. This beach is not an ideal place for swimming, but a good place for ones who look for undisturbed sight in mind.

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