Nhat Beach - one of Con Dao’s most picturesque beaches

Nhat Beach (Bai Nhat) is one of Con Dao’s most picturesque beach. Located around 6km from Con Son town center forwards Ben Dam harbor and just off the main road, Nhat Beach is not to be missed. Those who want to relax after a day of exploring Con Dao Island can indulge with beautiful nature at Nhat Beach and contemplate beautiful sunset. Nhat Beach only appears for a few hours per day as the tidal level and the best time to come here is between 2:00PM to 7:00 PM. Meanwhile, other time of the day, the beach is submerged in water to “looking forward” the discovery of tourists.

Nhat Beach consists of a series of small beaches broken up by dark boulders. Here at Nhat Beach you will find a clean white sand beach dotted both small and large boulders, shallow turquoise seas which is perfect for swimming, spectacular natural scenery, and quite possibly the most beautiful spot to watch the sunset in all of Vietnam’s destination. At the tip of the headland that juts out south of Con Son town is Shark Cape (Mui Ca Map). The road twists around the cape to reveal the best view on the island. Looking down, you can see the road cutting along the coastline below the windswept southern slopes of the highest mountain on Con Son Island. Big boulders, that were dynamited during the construction of the road (also paid for with prisoners’ lives), lie strewn on the sea side of the tarmac, decreasing in size as they roll down to meet the rice-white sand and clear water of Nhat Beach, behind which, the Jurassic Park-like island of Hon Ba looms.

Nhat Beach is made famous not only by its natural beauty but also by its mountain backdrop known as “Love Peak” or “Mountain of Love”, a mountain which is actually located on Hon Ba island just south of Con Son island. Locals believe that this mountain resembles a couple embracing each other and as such it symbolizes love which is why this place is perfect for wedding pictures, announcing engagements, or just being with your important person.

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